2015 DRC Repairing groundwater...

2015 DRC Repairing groundwater well

In 2010 4SmilingFaces has constructed a groundwater well and pump in the DRC so costly and irregular supplied drinking water is used only for food and drink. Ever since than things like taking a shower, doing washing, flushing the toilets and so on are done with groundwater coming from the mountains.

Up to now, we used an in-water-pump at the bottom of the deep well, but that is irreparably damaged by the earthquakes and hundreds of aftershocks and must be replaced. 4SmilingFaces will supply a new pump which will be housed next to the well. This pump is of better quality and easier and safer to maintain and repair. This job will be done at the start of the dry season in the beginning of October.

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Smiling Faces is the abbreviation for the Helping Hands 4 Smiling Faces Foundation, that was started by Tjitske Weersma in 2008. We improve the living conditions of children in children’s homes in developing countries with specific, small-scale projects in which they are central. We also support them when they have to leave those homes at 18 and have no safety net to fall back on. With us they come first. With our help they’ll go so much further, are they able to make their own choices and can they make shape their own lives.