2014 NWCSS Slippers

2014 NWCSS Slippers

New slippers don’t sound very important, but in a country where its warm most days and where you take off and punt your shoes hundreds of time per day (because you don’t were your outside shoes inside) they are very important. And children’s feet do grow, so new slippers are necessary on a regular bases.

Skin and foot care over here are very important. People (and especially children) spend a lot of time out site, the roads are mostly unpaved, rough and full of obstacles, holes and stones. So its very easy to damage your skin and feet. Therefore they really hammer on the fact you should not walk bare feet, either in or outside. A pair of good slippers are a small thing to do in support of the battle for healthy feet.

This year quality goes for looks: We choose a firmer kind of slippers in the hope that these last longer and thus protect better/longer.

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