2013 NWCSS checkup & medi...

2013 NWCSS checkup & medicine

The friendly Dutch GP Alice has visited in the NWCSS orphanage to give the children a much needed medical checkup. She prescribed most children extra vitamins and here and there some throat tablets and eyedrops.

Medically speaking things are going reasonably well for the children. A single case of bronchitis, throat pain and infected eyes not withstanding. Nothing a little antibiotics or other kind of medicine can’t fix. 4SmilingFaces provides the proper medicine.

There is however an another problem thats needs clearing: a contagious skin disease. The only thing you can do to get rit of it is to wash and dry all the clothes en bedding in one day and put it in black plastic bags in the – preferably – burning sun for 72 hours. All the kids need to take a big shower and a total body wash and rub with a special crème  We will do this after the Dashain festival.

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