2011 NWCSS Wintercoats

2011 NWCSS Wintercoats

For the first time we do a joint project in two homes we support in Nepal: The 25 children the NWCSS orphanage and the 55 children @ DRC Nepal need a new, warm winter coat soon. Winter is coming and already its is getting colder.

We also buy 15 additional winter coats. These go to the children in the DHC New Life shelter for children with a physical disability in Kathmandu. This home was started last year by the previous manager of the DRC. All 15 children who live with him moved from the DRC.

In both homes much time is spend outside. It needs little explanation is that a good, warm winter coat for the kids is no luxury but a necessity.  A good quality winter coat in Nepal costs on average 10 euro/13,80 US/8,75 Pound Sterling each. With the help of many (former) volunteers, family and friends, we hope to fulfil this wish as soon as possible.

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