2011 DRC Kitchen

2011 DRC Kitchen

The renovation of the DRC-kitchen is finished! The cooking classes have started for all children, including the ones who previously couldn’t participate because of their disability. RESULT!

The changes in the kitchen are important, because the DRC wants to teach all the children living their many skills. Only then can they grow into independent and self-reliant young people that can look after themselves and other people.

One of those skills that children learn is cooking and everything that comes with it. Most of the DRC children have to take care of themselves from their 18th birthday onwards. Nepal has no welfare system as we know it. Being able to cook is a necessary life skill.

The old kitchen in the DRC was not suitable for people with various disabilities and certainly not for wheelchair users. Also the old kitchen wasn’t save and the furniture needed work. That job is now done.

Children and staff are very happy with the new setup.

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