2010 DRC Groundwater well

2010 DRC Groundwater well

The construction of the groundwater well and pump in the DRC Nepal was completed in April/May 2010. The groundwater is used for all non food & drink related activities such as flushing the toilets, showers, washing clothes and watering the garden.

Drinking water is a rare commodity in the Kathmandu Valley. During the dry season the supply to households is erratic to say the least. Sometimes there is no fresh drinking water for two weeks!

Houses and also the DRC have one or more large storage tanks for drinking water: as soon as water comes, everyone fills up the tanks because no one never knows when the next delivery will take place. And you never know if there is enough water to fill your tanks. The same goes for the water pressure, because that will drop when everybody fills up their tanks at the same time.

Saving drinking water is always a good thing, but in the Kathmandu Valley it is a necessity. Especially in the dry season. You can never just take a shower, just wash your clothes (which in Nepal is mainly done by hand), let the water flow when you brush your teeth, or take for granted that the toilet will flush.

Because of the groundwater well and pump the DRC can save an enormous amount of drinking water, that they now only use for drinking and preparing food. So they can do much longer with the drinking water in the storage tanks. Therefore they are more independent of the (political) developments in the country. And it is good for the environment and hygienic reasons.

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