2009 NWCSS Fruit & Vegeta...

2009 NWCSS Fruit & Vegetables

In 2008/09 the 25 children in the NWCSS orphanage were in urgent need of more variation in their daily diet. Without outside help, they only ate Dal Bhat (rice with lentil soap). There was no money for fruits and vegetables on a regular basis.

4SmilingFaces has contributed to solving this problem. For a few euro’s a week we were able to provide the children with a piece of fruit or a serving of vegetables per day.

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4 Smiling Faces

Smiling Faces is the abbreviation for the Helping Hands 4 Smiling Faces Foundation, that was started by Tjitske Weersma in 2008. We improve the living conditions of children in children’s homes in developing countries with specific, small-scale projects in which they are central. We also support them when they have to leave those homes at 18 and have no safety net to fall back on. With us they come first. With our help they’ll go so much further, are they able to make their own choices and can they make shape their own lives.