07/01 Children, not monkeys

07/01 Children, not monkeys

Totally agree. Children are children and not monkeys to watch. The last thing the kids want is to be paraded as pittyful. They hate that. If tourists want to do something for children in the country they visit, search and find a charity that can use a donation.

Of course kids are better of with family, but if that isn’t possible, we owe it to the kids to give them a happy, healthy, safe and loving Children’s home. It is not perfect, but so much better than the alternative.

Help us Help them. Kids come first!!!

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Smiling Faces is the abbreviation for the Helping Hands 4 Smiling Faces Foundation, that was started by Tjitske Weersma in 2008. We improve the living conditions of children in children’s homes in developing countries with specific, small-scale projects in which they are central. We also support them when they have to leave those homes at 18 and have no safety net to fall back on. With us they come first. With our help they’ll go so much further, are they able to make their own choices and can they make shape their own lives.