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For years the DRC Nepal is working on the realisation of a new build school building  In 2015 the realization of those plans comes closer and closer.

Education of the children are one of the biggest expenses for the DRC. They now go to 5/6 different schools, which are not really equipped to receive children with various physical disabilities. Take a disabled toilet; Nepal has hardly got any….

Therefore, the DRC would like to build its own school. Completely adapted to the needs of the children and all their physical needs. Given the severity of the disabilities we are talking about this is not a luxury but a necessity.

After years, in 2012 the DRC managed to get the land needed to build the school in the green area just outside Kathmandu. At about 20 minutes drive from the DRC itself. Since then, there has been a conflict over property rights of the land, but that has been resolved in July 2015. So the actual building will start soon.

The necessary funds come from both domestic and foreign sponsors. 4SmilingFaces makes its contribution in the form of 5000 building blocks.


For the construction of the school building (16,428 square feet), costings have been prepared by construction engineer and has been calculated as follows:

Total Amount: Rs. 24,110,375.54 (Twenty-four million, one hundred ten thousand, three hundred seventy five and fifty-four rupees).

Equivalent to US$ 323,195.38 (Three hundred twenty-three thousand, one hundred ninety-five and thirty-eight cents).